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You put the baby to sleep outside but then constantly worry if it’s maybe too warm or cold? In winter time there is the same question during shorter car rides… Snugfy solves this problem – temperature info is shown in your smartphone and there is an alert when something is wrong


The 2-5 year olds love playing in snow… But do they tell you when the gloves or feet are wet and cold? NO WAY!
It’s a good thing Snugfy can let you know without needing to chase the kid and break the play. It works at home yard and in kindergarten with tens of children.


In daycare or kindergarten it helps the teacher to watch over many children at once. It has a security feature that alerst the teacher if a child has wondered too far away. You can monitor your kids activity and comfort levels close to real time, from wherever you are. How cool is that?

same module for your baby, toddler, and kindergarten…


We combine a special hardware component, the Snugfy sensor, with any modern smartphone to create a reliable health monitoring solution. We have developed a smart monitoring algorithm that triggers an alert once the temperature in a footwear or clothing item drops to an unhealthy level.

The data communication solution is built on the newest Bluetooth 4 (BLE) standard. This means we get an absolutely child safe device which is very energy efficient. We have struck a good balance of range to energy efficiency at around 30-40 meters of range with battery life up to a year. The battery is of course easily replaceable.


Geo-fencing technology alerts when the kid is too far from supervisor. Or when your yuonger kid is outside with older ones, you yourself will receive the notification on your phone. It’s as you were tehre yourself.

Activity tracking

Gather and analyze information of the childs dailiy activity. Set activity goals for being outside and meet them!

Combine big data...

we analyze past recorded clothing performance…

with weather forecasts

… and combine it with the upcoming weather forecasts for your region…

to suggest clothing

… to dress the kid warmer or lighter today, compared to previous days.

Professional care takers

Medical and caretaking facilities can get real time overview of vitals. Regardless of patients age or condition. For example, family can monitor activity levels of elderly day care patients.

Remote overview

You can monitor the info of your loved ones from over teh internet. We use a secure webs ervice to manage and process the data.

Social dimention

Not sure if tehre are kids at the playground? Connect Snugfy socially, add friends who can see your activity status and location – we will check you in to playgrounds automatically 🙂