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Cradle & Booster Seat Sensor

You can tuck your baby in. The probe made of medical TPU material is long enough to reach between the clothes. The module itself clips into a toy duck. Just so it’s fun for the kid too.

Gloves sensor

When the kid grows older you can use the same sensor in smart gloves that have the Snugfy socket. No more worries if the hands maybe wet and freezing, leading to yet another cold.

Activity & weather data analysis:

Activity monitor

Log your kids activity, then set better goals and meet them 🙂

Weather analytics

Analyze forecasts and previous days patterns to suggets the right clothing.

Social dimention

Understand how your childs activity patterns comapre to those of others.

Makes Your child’s life safer:


Geo-fencing technology alerts your phone when the kid is too far from you or you have not got a reading for some time.

Older kids watch the younger ones

When your yuonger kid is outside with older ones (who have a cellphone), you will receive the notifications to your phone in your pocket. Thats neat 🙂

Daycare & Kindergarten

There can be 20 kids for one teacher in indergarten. Snugfy could alert if someone has wondered off (besides being cold of course).

Secure remote monitoring

Secure access to your Snugfy account to manage sensors and get overview of the statistics.

You will also see fresh real-time data as it comes in from daycare or other remote supervisor. Setup push notifications on specific events.